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Sonal Raje started her career as a professional artist in India, and is now based in Guelph, Canada. She has formal art training in applied art. After a successful career as a Graphic designer, she is now focusing on her painting which has always been a passion.
With a new perspective, she continues to be actively involved in the local art associations, as well as participating in global ventures that promote the Arts.
She works in the Acrylic medium and has continued to explore new techniques to enhance her art.
Her work has been exhibited in Art shows in Canada, Europe and India.

Artist Statement

In my artistic practice, I create works of art that express emotions through the use of color, form and texture. I use abstract, non-objective forms to depict the complex mood of a moment, striving to find a sense of harmony in the complexities.
I work with contrasting elements which are manipulated through composition and layering to resolve into harmony and balance.
At times I use intuitive processes to create unpredictable results which often lead to acceptance and rejoical of the unexpected.
I use Acrylic paints on canvas and paper, and various tools to add the textures in my paintings.

My mandate is to create paintings that inspire a dialogue with the viewer, and create a space or moment for reflection. It is this reflection that often guides our way through life.
I draw inspiration from nature and life experiences to find parallels of this vision.

Art shows:


September 2012: Solo show: Sarasvati online gallery- "Selene" room!selene

August 2012: Group show- ANK cultural center, Pecs, Hungary- Liber-Arte/Art Indulge foundation

July 2012:
"The Art Within"- Juried Group show, Royal city church, Guelph
"Art in the Gardens"- Kitchener Horticulture Society, Rockway Gardens, Kitchener
Featured Artist at Guelph Horticulture Society Garden tour

June 2012: Painting on the Green- Juried Group Show, Guelph Creative Arts association

March 2012: Group show-Art Indulge foundation. 'INTRIGUED BY INDIA, THE ZEPHYRS OF GOA'. Collaborative art event with Hungarian association in India- Goa, Mumbai, Delhi

Sept-Oct 2011: Group show-Art Indulge foundation. “GODAVARI, SAHYADI AND ART FROM HUNGARY” Collaborative art event with Hungarian association in India- Nashik, Mumbai, Delhi

2010 and 2011- Group show- Painting on the Green- Guelph Creative Arts Association.

April 2010: Group exhibit “Made for you” Spring art show- Guelph creative arts association

October 2012: Group show at the Indian Embassy Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
November 2012: Group show-Expressions. Guelph Creative Arts Association, at the Guelph Civic Museum


Worlds Away by Sonal Raje


Wings of Faith by Sonal Raje


Whispers by Sonal Raje


Water's Edge 2 by Sonal Raje


Water's Edge 1 by Sonal Raje


Voyages by Sonal Raje


The Plunge by Sonal Raje


Symphony by Sonal Raje


Sunburst by Sonal Raje


Springburst by Sonal Raje


Silk Rhapsody by Sonal Raje


Shadow and Substance by Sonal Raje


Samana Bay by Sonal Raje


Rhythm by Sonal Raje


Reflections by Sonal Raje


Morning Mist by Sonal Raje


Reconciliation by Sonal Raje


Meltdown 2 by Sonal Raje


Meltdown 1 by Sonal Raje


Leap of Faith by Sonal Raje


Ignite by Sonal Raje


Guiding Light by Sonal Raje


Green Earth by Sonal Raje


Golden Grass by Sonal Raje


Glimpses by Sonal Raje


Gathering Storm by Sonal Raje


Freefall by Sonal Raje


Flower Pops by Sonal Raje


Fiesta 2 by Sonal Raje


Downpour by Sonal Raje


Fiesta 1 by Sonal Raje


Fiesta 3 by Sonal Raje


Erasure by Sonal Raje


Deliverance by Sonal Raje


Deliverance by Sonal Raje


Crimson Lake by Sonal Raje


Copper Moon by Sonal Raje


Carousel 2 by Sonal Raje


Carousel 1 by Sonal Raje


Carnival 2 by Sonal Raje


Carnival 1 by Sonal Raje


Blue Forest by Sonal Raje


Awakening by Sonal Raje


Autumn by Sonal Raje


Autumn Fire by Sonal Raje


Aqua by Sonal Raje


Amber Parade by Sonal Raje


Aftermath by Sonal Raje